Applications accepted for both MFG and MRH stations

Contract Management

An expanding forecourt network operated through self-motivated and dedicated contract managers is key to the new MFG approach. MFG is offering you the opportunity to run your own business and be involved in one of the fastest growing retail sectors around.

Contract managers operate our company owned petrol stations on a self-employed basis.

You will be responsible for all of the station’s activities including the operation of one of our forecourt shops, overall site staffing, the sale of petrol, our expanding ‘food to go’ offerings and any other forecourt facilities.

As a contract manager, you’ll receive full training and ongoing MFG support. Our team will always be there to help make your business as successful as possible.

Initially, you will require some initial working capital to fund the shop stock, but most of all; you will need plenty of ambition to succeed in this fast growing business.

What is Contract Management?

Contract management is the method used by Motor Fuel Group (MFG) to operate its network of company owned service stations in the UK.

A contract manager is a self-employed person who derives his or her income from commission payments for the sale of motor fuel and from the business he or she runs at the service station. Payments of commission are made on a daily basis. The other business operated by the contract manager at the station will include the forecourt shop, a ‘food to go’ offer when present and may also include a car wash, vacuum and airline.

What are the Principal Responsibilities of the Contract Manager?

  • To bank the money received for motor fuel sales to MFG’s account every day, having first deducted the commission due.
  • To employ such staff as is necessary for the operation of the business.
  • To maintain minimum opening hours.
  • To participate in sales promotions arranged by MFG.
  • To operate the service station in accordance with the terms of the MFG Service Station Contract Manager Agreement, Petroleum Storage Certificate and other statutory requirements as imposed on the operator of a service station.(Premises Licence and Off Licences)
  • To operate the shop in accordance with the franchise conditions.
  • To operate high levels of customer service and retail brand standards.

Who Pays for What?

The Contract Manager Pays:

  • Staff wages and all relevant employment costs.
  • Uniform costs for staff and training costs.
  • Telephone, including rental on all lines.
  • Daily cleaning and housekeeping; Trade refuse charges.
  • Facility, Franchise, Concession or Licence charges to MFG (depending on facilities at the station).
  • Bank and professional charges relating to his own business.
  • Personal, Third Party, Cash on Site, Cash in Transit and Own Stock Insurance (MFG provided).
  • Employee relations consultancy services.
  • Charges on security alarms.
  • Other charges associated with the operation of his business.

MFG Pays:

  • Retail and forecourt developments/upgrades.
  • Rent.
  • Rates.
  • Equipment and fixtures.
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Property insurance for buildings and equipment.
  • Forecourt and shop electricity.
  • Point of Sale material.
  • Fuel commission.
  • Valet commission.

Is Security Required?

The contract manager is in possession of a valuable service station and of the cash received for the sale of motor fuels.

Therefore a minimum cash deposit of between £12,000 to £40,000 is required depending on the fuel volume sold from the relevant station.

How Much Capital is Required?

The contract manager requires capital to:

  • Stock and operate the shop.
  • Set up an approved other business, if space is available at the relevant station.

No premium or ‘key money’ is required. Typical capital requirements are £25,000 for a small outlet, rising to £100,000 for a large station.

Is Training Provided?

Yes. Initial training is provided. During this period formal instruction in safety and technical matters is provided by MFG’s. Depending on the station’s store franchise, further training will also be given. For the first three days of your operation at your own station you will be joined by your Area Manager.

What Is The Next Step?

The stages:

  1. Application. Complete and submit your application form.
  2. Interview. We will invite you to meet us at a location in your area.
  3. Selection. We will offer a provisional position to suitable applicants.
  4. Financial evaluation and status checks for applicant.
  5. We will confirm or withdraw our Provisional Offer.
  6. Signing of all documents by applicant and company.
  7. Shop supplier account set-up meeting.
  8. Payment of security monies to MFG/shop supplier.
  9. Initial training.
  10. Installation at station and follow-up training by Area Manager.

How to apply

If you’ve got a proven track record in grocery retailing/’food to go’ or are looking for an exciting retail challenge and want to run your own business, apply now!

To apply, fill in the application form online by clicking here.