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MFG Rolls Out fuelService App Across Its UK Network

Motor Fuel Group (MFG) is pleased to announce that it is adopting the revolutionary fuelService App across its 422-strong company station UK network.

The free fuelService App has been launched to enable disabled drivers to re-fuel their vehicles more easily. The App helps the driver find a local petrol station and asks them if they will be able to assist before they drive there. Once at the petrol station the driver can use the App to tell the petrol station they have arrived and which pump they are at, making them easy to spot. The driver is told via the App how long the attendant will be before they come out to help, so they are not sat waiting in hope.

Andy Edwards (pictured), MFG’s HSE manager who has been responsible for the network rollout said: “We are pleased to be supporting this great App as latest figures suggest that over 648,000 people use Motability vehicles.

The App can be download from or by searching for ‘fuelservice’ on your devices app store.