About MFG

Motor Fuel Group (MFG) is the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator. It has around 1200 sites offering customers a growing dual-fuel strategy, a leading valeting offer, convenient retail and ‘food to go’ portfolio, online delivery lockers and business break areas/facilities, MFG is reported to be the fifth largest retailer by number of stores in the country.

MFG is dedicated to keeping UK motorists on the move and supporting our local communities.

For drivers who find filling up or charging a challenge, MFG has partnered with the fuelService app to provide customers with assistance on the forecourt.

This service enables disabled drivers to ask participating service stations for help before they go, so they have the confidence of knowing someone will be available to assist them when they arrive.

Six Key Points About MFG

Supporting Local Communities

MFG provides vital infrastructure and essential service that supports local communities, the economy and helps keep UK’s motorists on the move.


Franchise Business Model

MFG operates a franchise business model giving contract managers an opportunity to run their own businesses.

Contract Management

Proven Growth Strategy

MFG has a proven growth strategy.

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Low Carbon Future

MFG is enabling Britain to transition to a lower carbon future by investing in an ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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Leadership Team

MFG is led by a proven entrepreneurial management team and a well governed Board delivering for all stakeholders.

Our Leadership

Company Owned, Company Operated

For a small but growing number of stations, MFG operates a ‘company owned, company operated’ model through its Peregrine Retail subsidiary, where it manages and employees all station staff.

Peregrine Retail

A History Of Growth

On the 22nd December 2011, one of the UK’s leading independent forecourt operators, Motor Fuel Group (MFG), was acquired by a new management team headed by chief executive officer, William Bannister.

William is joined by Jeremy Clarke as chief operating officer, Simon Lane as chief financial officer and Adam Wadlow as chief investment officer. All four directors have considerable experience of the forecourt and convenience sectors.

The team is backed by committed investors and together they are focused on growing and developing the MFG business into one of the most dynamic and profitable independent forecourt operators in the UK.

With the continued support of their investors and an unswerving drive to grow and improve the business, the MFG management team has an impressive acquisition track record.

 Our Purpose

To be the UK’s most dynamic and successful independent forecourt operator with a strong social conscience and serving local communities. Leading the UK’s mobility energy transition for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

To provide customers with market leading local travel infrastructure hubs with convenience retail, food services and premium fuels including ultra-rapid electric charging facilities.

We strive to be a valuable member of the local communities we serve.

We want to provide a working environment for our employees and franchisees that encourages personal development, teamwork and rewards performance that is open to all. Our Ethos is to ‘care’ in what we do and for those around us and to enable each of us to be the ‘best they can be’.



In October 2014, MFG completed the acquisition of the retail assets of Murco Petroleum (www.murco.co.uk).


In April 2015, 90 Shell branded stations were acquired.

In July 2015, MFG secured new investors Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) in a transaction valued at approximately £500 million.


2016 saw the acquisition of the north west based Synergie Holdings with 19 stations and the north-east based Roadside Group with 10 stations.


In 2017, four stations each were acquired from FW Kerridge and Burns & Co., nine stations from Macclesfield-based Manor Service Stations and 14 stations from the Golden Cross Group.


At the end of February 2018, MFG announced the £1.2 billion acquisition of MRH, bringing nearly 500 stations into the network.

In addition, the acquisition also brought a wholesale and retail fuel business in the Channel Islands into the MFG group of companies. These companies operate under the Roberts, PDJ, and GPD brands.


October 2019 saw the acquisition of 10 operating stations and three new-to-industry (NTI) sites from the south-west of England forecourt operator, Symonds Retail Limited.


In December 2020, MFG acquired six forecourts in the Lake District from AUK Investments Limited.


January 2021 has seen the purchase of seven operational stations and nine NTI sites from BP.
March 2021 saw the announcement of a £400 million planned investment in 2,800 Ultra-Rapid 150kW EV Chargers across 500 MFG sites over the next 10 years.

In quarter two, six high-volume BP-branded sites in the South East were acquired from George Hammond.


Despite the unprecedented challenges faced during this year, 2022 was still MFG’s best ever trading year since the company was formed in 2011.

2022 saw the opening of three NTI sites, 35 major developments and the construction of 43 EV Power hubs across our network.

Our ‘Food to Go’ offering also expanded with the addition of eight new PRETs, 21 new Greggs and the opening of our first Burger King.



At the end of April 2024, MFG completed a £2.5bn transaction to acquire 337 Morrisons petrol forecourts (including fuel, convenience retail kiosk and ancillary services) and more than 400 associated sites across the UK for Ultra-Rapid electric vehicle (“EV”) charging development.