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MFG’s ultra-rapid charging network goes live on Zap-Pay

MFG’s EV Power ultra-rapid charging network is the latest to go live on Zap-Pay, the simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from within Zap-Map, the UK’s leading EV mapping service.

Our EV Power network, which has ultra-rapid charging devices at locations stretching from Torquay to Wigan, is now fully up and running as part of the Zap-Pay partner network.

The completed integration with MFG means that over 3,000 charging devices across the UK are currently Zap-Pay enabled. Zap-Map users can now pay quickly and easily for their EV charging as well as being able to search for charge points, plan longer journeys and share updates with other EV drivers.

MFG is the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK and our network currently has over 200 rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices at service stations across the UK. By 2030, MFG is planning to invest around £400 million in 3,000 ultra-rapid 150kW and 350kW EV charging devices across its network.

Zap-Pay is the simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from within the Zap-Map app and was launched last year with a mission to include all the key charge point networks across the UK. As a single-app payment system that uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging, Zap-Pay avoids the hassle of using different payment methods across all the various networks.

Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zap-Map, said:

“I’m delighted to see the MFG’s EV Power network come online with Zap-Pay. Not only is MFG a fantastic addition to the Zap-Pay partner network, but as a dynamic and expanding network with strategically placed ultra-rapid charge points, one that will make charging EVs that much easier for Zap-Map users.

“With Zap-Pay usage already increasing, we’re expecting to see this trend accelerate now that MFG’s EV Power is live on Zap-Pay.”

Ed Chadwick, Director, EV at MFG, said:  

“At MFG we are committed to making the charging experience as simple and seamless as possible.  All our chargers are contactless card payment enabled and with the addition of Zap-Pay we are pleased to add more convenient payment methods for drivers, particularly as they mix and match across networks.

“We have an incredibly exciting pipeline of site openings for 2022 and look forward to adding those chargers to the Zap-Pay network.

“All of our EV Power charging devices in the UK have been Zap-Pay enabled and are available to use on Zap-Map’s iOS and Android mobile apps.”